Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Christian Seniors Association is an alternative to AARP!

Dear friends and family,

Greetings on this glorious day that the Lord has made. I hope that you and the loved ones are in good health. Good health is such a blessing from the good Lord, our Creator Lord! How is your spirit on this glorious day? Please remember that we humans are more than flesh and blood. Also, please remember that we humans are created by our Creator lord, in His image, with inalienable rights! Please pray and consider joining the Christian Seniors Association (CSA). The Christian Seniors Association is open to everyone age 50 and over who believes that AARP does not speak for you when they push their radical-liberal agenda in Congress.

Unlike the AARP, CSA is 100% committed to defending (and fighting for) the traditional marriage-based family.

Unlike AARP, CSA believes that America's faith in God (our Creator Lord) was a key reason America became a great nation . . . and that America's rejection of God today (by some) is a grave threat to our nation's future and our grand-children's future.

Unlike AARP, CSA is working to mobilize America's Cristian seniors so that our government will, once again, work to restore (instead of undermine) the traditional moral values that built our nation and made America great.

Unlike AARP,CSA is opposing the ACLU (and other anti-Christian organizations on the Left) which want to completely eliminate Christianity as a significant influence in American public life.

Please contact CSA at: CSA, P.O. Box 5049, Hagerstown, MD. 21741-5049, or call 1-202-547-4400. Christian Seniors Association is a project of the Traditional Values Coalition.

Thank you very much for all your help. Hope that you and the loved ones have a joyous and peaceful day. May the good Lord, our Creator Lord, bless you and the loved ones with love, joy, peace, and patience!

In hope, peace, and love,

Ken Miller
Main St. Rm. 103
still one of the working poor - if only in spirit!
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